From Lab to market: Strategies and issues in the commercialization of nanotechnology
-Ms. Marine Le Bouar

Nanotechnology Research and Development for the Coming Decades
-Dr. Lisa Friedersdorf

A versatile nanofluidic point-of-care testing platform to lead the IVD market

-Dr. Nicolas Durand

Enabling the modern digital world with Atomic Force Microscopy

-Dr. Doru Florescu

Nanowire Networks for Neuromorphic Computing

-Dr. Adam Stieg

Nanocomposites and 3D Printing

-Dr. Rigoberto Advincula

Zooming-in on the extracellular nanoparticles circulating in body-fluids

-Shivani Sharma

Anti-malarial activity of traditional Kampo medicine Coptis rhizome extract and its major active compounds

-Awet Teklemichael

Rare-earth oxide nanomaterials for magnetic scanning probe microscopy

-Kai Trepka

Propulsion of magnetic microparticles for in vivo operation

-Louis Rogowski

External Energy Assisted AFM-Based Nanomachining Processes and Applications

-Jia Deng

Creating nanometer sized structures with ease using Park SmartLitho™

-Armando Melgarejo

Facile Size-Selective Defect Sealing in Large-Area Atomically Thin Graphene Membranes for Sub-Nanometer Scale Separations

-Piran Kidambi

Electric transport and field emission in two-dimensional transition metal dichalcogenides

-Dr. Antonio Di Bartolomeo

Designing materials without the gravitational force – fluoride glasses and beyond

-Dr. Ioana Cozmuta

Nanostructures in Biochemical Detection

-Dr. Zachary Schultz

Nanotechnology Approaches to Biology and Medicine

-Dr. Paul Weiss

AFM + Nanoscale Vis-IR Spectroscopy via Photo-induced Force Microscopy

-Dr. Sung Park

The NanoHub Platform

-Dr. Gerhard Klimeck

A laboratory-scale 2-axis tracking heliostat apparatus/solar concentrator for conceptual demonstrations of novel geoengineering innovations

-Mohan Hathi

Zero Emission Bulk Energy Storage

-Bart Norton

Ocean De-Acidification: An Analysis of the Constraints and Impacts of Solar Thermal Ocean Liming Intervention from Engineering and Biogeochemical Perspe

-Wrishija Roy

Imaging Effects of Hyperosmolality on Individual Tricellular Junctions

-Kaixiang Huang

Vibration and Heat Assisted AFM-Based Nanomachining using Probes with Different Stiffness

-Huimin Zhou

Scanning Probe Microscopy of Precision Synthesized Gold Nanoparticle Catalysts. What can we learn?

-Myunghoon Choi

Mapping the Local Potential of Zero Charge (PZC) at Solid Electrodes Using Scanning Electrochemical Cell Microscopy (SECCM)

-Hang Ren

Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy – Liquid Imaging

-Jiali Zhang, Ph.D